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Audio amplification equipment

Score yourself a big gig? Travelling? Perhaps just something that’s been on your bucketlist…

What ever the case, SoundPro has you covered with a large variety of Backline equipment available for your next show.

From trusty Fender Twin Reverbs to Vox AC30’s, a standard range is available for hire. If you’re looking for something a little more boutique, why not speak to us about our Matchless Clubman 35 or Rivera Rake Reverb (with matching 2 x 12″ Cab!).

Don’t worry all you Bass players, we’ve got you covered too with brands including Ampeg, Yorkville, Roland and Gallian Krueger. There really is something to suit every type of player.

SoundPro also has a 1979 TAMA Superstar Series 5-Piece along with a Yamaha S30 Keyboard plus stands and everything else you could ever want from a Backline setup.

Speak to us today about your needs and we’ll help you set up the perfect stage for your next gig.


Audio Amplification Equipments

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